Measurement Equipment and Electronics Test Laboratories

Measurement at the highest level, precise and user oriented.

You want to build up test laboratories either for your customer or your own company dedicated to power electronics? You are looking for profound knowledge for bench test and measurement equipment in power electronics? You want to improve the robustness of power electronics products with dedicated measure methods to reduce the in service risks? 

FEV CRELTEC offers their experiences and knowledges of decades in measurement equipment and measure methods. We will support you in design and selection of adequate measurement test equipment and methods. You can buy from FEV CRELTEC counsel, test execution and advanced measurement equipment for partial discharging detection and analysis for applications from 300 Volt up to 3 kV. 

We will support you to measure your electronics insulation regarding robustness due to partial discharging effects. With our experiences and knowledge we can help you to reduce your in-service risks of components like motors, chokes, inverters, rectifiers and transformers caused by partial discharging during pulse wide modulated power operation.

We offer customer and praxis oriented training to your personal for test equipment and test performance of partial discharging measurement and we can impart knowledge of design roles and measures to reduce partial discharging.

With our professional Knowledge and dedicated Measurement Equipment of partial discharging you will reduce product in-service risks with high end solutions, which meets your needs.